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Remembering Your Loved one’s Personality

Memorial plaques are a special way to assure your loved-one's personality is remembered for years to come. Memorial plaques take a variety of forms. Perhaps most commonly, memorial plaques are attached to granite headstones and show the dates a person was born and died. These memorial plaques also usually include beautiful designs that can highlight, in picture form; the uniqueness of a loved-one's personality.

Memorial plaques offer a way of capturing the memories of a lifetimeWhile these bronze memorial plaques are common in cemeteries today, they are far from the only types of memorial plaques available. Memorial plaques can be attached to an urn, a memorial rock, a statue and even to a flag case designed to pay tribute to an American military veteran. While usually smaller than the memorial plagues that are attached to headstones, these other types of memorial plaques can be engraved with the most special and meaningful of words and designs that will pay lasting tribute to the person being memorialized.

Memorial plaques also come in yet another form that one may not always consider being a traditional memorial plaque. Memorials.com can help you turn favorite portraits of loved-ones into ceramic pictures that can be attached to headstones – or a number of other memorial products – and serve as beautiful, lasting memorial plaques that will keep your family memories alive for ages.

Particularly when considering headstones, many people arrange to buy memorial plaques "pre-need," that is before a person has died. Memorial plaques purchased pre-need can have the name (or, in the case of companion memorial headstones, names) inscribed at the time of purchase, and then the death dates are added later to the memorial plaques. Many people choose this option for memorial plaques because they want the peace of mind that comes from choosing the design and style of their own memorial plaques.

Memorial plaques will share the memory of a loved one with many future generationsMemorial plaques, of course, need to be designed to last the ages, and the sturdy construction of most memorial plaques, particularly those attached to memorial markers, assures just that. The long lasting bronze memorial plaques that are most common today assure that memorial plaques will remain intact long after the elements have destroyed paper records or technology has made electronic records obsolete. So memorial plaques will likely be the most enduring documentation of nearly every person's life.

The nature of memorial plaques has changed substantially over the years as designs of headstones have changed. For many years, most permanent memorials were usually marked by headstones that were large, up-right pieces of sculpted stone and contained written information about the people whose graves they marked. While these types of memorials are still are used today, they now usually mark groups of graves (such as an entire family). Meanwhile, memorials to individuals typically consist of smaller headstones, often, as noted earlier, with bronze memorial plaques attached. In most memorials today, these headstones are displayed directly on the ground at the head of a grave. The memorial plaques attached to the ground-level headstones typically preserve the memory of one individual or a couple.

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